Mission Crew 2 ended successfully, but ...

Credit: ESA/NASA
Credit: ESA/NASA

News! Mission Crew 2 ended successfully, bringing the four astronauts from the ISS (International Space Station) to Earth. However, the astronauts had various difficulties and inconveniences that made the trip even more enjoyable. The Crew-2 mission with the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft lasted 199 days in space, which means a lot. Thomas Pasquet - ESA astronaut (European space agency) captured unforgettable images from the ISS and presented various experiments from ESA. He also completed ESA's Alpha mission, one of ESA's complex ISS missions. You can see some of the photos that Thomas Pasquet captured on the ISS below, thanking ESA for these amazing images.

Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA
More images you can find on ESA website at: ESA.int

More images you can find on ESA website at:

The astronauts on Mission Crew 2 have done many unique things for the ISS. For the first time, they were able to grow chili peppers on the ISS for 3 months. Then they made tacos out of them. They enjoyed the food they made, which I probably didn't feel for a long time, and they ate it. You can find out more about this taco on our old article:

 NASA managed to successfully grow chili peppers on the ISS for the first time. In addition, one of the astronauts also made the first Tacos from space and from the ISS. Chili peppers were carefully grown on the ISS as an experiment by which NASA wanted to see if it could grow vegetables on the ISS. The experiment was more than a success! Specifically, NASA announced that these peppers were grown for the Plant Habitat-04 investigation (project carried out on the ISS).

"The investigation involved microbial analysis to improve the understanding of plant-microbial interactions in space and the crew's assessment of the aroma, texture and nutrition of the first peppers grown in space" - NASA. That's what NASA said about the experiment. As you can see in the picture above, astronaut Megan McArthur made a tacos from these chili peppers, in which she put some more food, ...

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You can find many other experiments in our old articles. But, let's mention now those problems that the astronauts faced on the way home. The biggest problem that is talked about everywhere is toilets. The astronauts did not walk on the way back to Earth. Another problem, a rather scary one, was that one of the parachutes did not fall apart. The ship had 4 parachutes, 3 opened a few seconds before landing (after the ship entered the atmosphere), instead, the last parachute (the fourth) did not open and there were a few seconds until the ship made a splashdown in the Gulf of near Florida. This was indeed a moment of shock, but fortunately, the ship quickly adapted to the speed it had and did the splashdown well. The ship actually landed safely in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. It took place at 10:33 pm EST on November 8, 2021, boarding the ship at 2 pm EST. 

Also, by completing this mission, SpaceX will deploy the fourth manned flight in space, which is also coordinated by NASA, in just 18 months. An absolute record. Mission Crew 1 lasted 169 days, a little less than that. However, this lasted longer than the Crew 1 mission, as it waited for the Crew 3 mission to arrive, which due to weather conditions, as well as a minor astronaut problem, could not leave for the ISS. NASA is currently left with only one astronaut on the ISS, hoping that the Crew 3 mission will bring more soon. 

NASA recently announced that the Crew-3 mission that makes it impervious to SpaceX will be rescheduled for November 10, 2021, and will be launched at 9:03 p.m. EAST. Recently, NASA claimed that Crew-2 will return to Earth on November 8, 2021, which would mean that NASA will remain with only one astronaut on the ISS for about 3 days. The rest of NASA astronauts (2 astronauts) return to Earth on the Crew-2 mission. The mission has been delayed many times so far.

The first time because of the bad weather.

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We wish success to NASA, ESA, SpaceX, and all those working on these missions. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 09 November 2021, at 06:03 am Los Angeles time

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