Mystery solved about space radio waves in 2017

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! After 4 years of bewilderment and hope in finding other life forms besides man, astronomers have finally discovered where the radio waves they received 4 years ago, in 2017, came from.

No, they are not aliens, nor other life forms, nor the strange ones, they are just nests where, resembling radio waves coming from a black hole or otherwise, from a neutron star eating from its accompanying star. This discovery comes from one of the Calteth teams. But, in addition to the fact that it was discovered that the radio waves were not from some aliens, another discovery was made, probably "by mistake", that it was first confirmed that a supernova triggered by a fusion. 

The first to notice or one of the first to notice radio waves, how far could it come is researcher Dillon Dong, which used the method of determination, known as VT 1210 + 4956. However, he was more realistic when he discovered these waves and claimed that they could be from dense gas or from one that exploded. Here, according to the final research, it is believed that one of the explosions that took place, either the creation of a black hole (unlikely), or the collision between the two neutron stars caused these waves, along with an overlap of rays. X, a rare phenomenon.

Yes, but it's good that this has been confirmed and nothing else and let's not forget the discovery "by mistake", which, according to the researchers, he does not leave aside and tries to study.

We wish success to the research team and to all those who did the research to continue to discover new things.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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