NASA announcement: Ingenuity's first flight of the year has been successful. See here how long it flew and how far

Credit: @nasajpl/Instagram
Credit: @nasajpl/Instagram

Very good news for this beginning of the year. NASA JPl has just confirmed on their Instagram page, the first flight of the helicopter from Mars, Ingenuity in this year,

According to NASA data, the helicopter flew for 99.98 seconds over the Martian surface, traveling approx. 62 meters. This means that Ingeniuty has an average speed of approx. 0.62 m / s. With this flight, Ingeniuty marks the 19th successful flight from Mars and the first this year. 

This flight, with no. 19 was supposed to happen earlier, but due to unfavorable weather conditions on Mars, NASA canceled the flight. But now, JPL has confirmed the success of flight no. 19, Ingeniuty flying in favorable conditions. 

Also, as you can see above, NASA also received an image from the helicopter that shows the rise of Ingeniuty from the Martian ground. We are waiting for the flight with no. 20 of the helicopter and we wish NASA and Ingeniuty success on their journey to discover Mars. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 08 February 2022, at 12:37 pm Los Angeles time

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