NASA extends the duration of stay on the ISS for 2 astronauts

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! Important Aunt at NASA: This will extend the stay of two astronauts on the ISS. NASA recently announced that it will extend the period of two astronauts stationed on the ISS. This decision was made by NASA and explained, as well as justified by the fact that the work in the orbit laboratory has increased and people are needed.

It's about NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hey and cosmonaut Pyotr Dubrov who, of course, will still be on the ISS (International Space Station). Of course, NASA also announced that the period will be extended until next March, when the astronauts had to leave in the next few weeks / months.

Also, this mission may not be the most comfortable for me, but it also brings some benefits to an astronaut and NASA. One of the astronauts, Vande Hey, when he returns to Earth, will be seen as the man who has made the longest space flight so far. And for NASA, they get information on how humans can survive in the long run. But until then, some rodents, especially mice, brought to see how they resist in space, are still being studied on board the ISS.

In addition, the astronauts still have to work on the modules that are still coming and SpaceX's Crew Dragon and they still have work on the Nauka module. We hope that all the astronauts are and that Vande will set the record he probably wants for a long time.

We wish good luck to NASA, the astronauts on the ISS, SpaceX and all those working on these projects on the ISS.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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