NASA gave the first statements about the July 12 image of James Webb. What will we see?

Credit image: NASA - first image from Webb
Credit image: NASA - first image from Webb

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 29 June 2022, at 08:31 am Los Angeles time

NASA in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will show the first clear and full-color image from the James Webb Space Telescope, and the first information has arrived.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson gave the first explanations about what the first image from the powerful telescope will look like.

Even if is not known what will be in the image, from what Bill Nelson said, it will be a premiere in the world of astronomy and astrophysics.

"[That image] on July 12 is the deepest image of our Universe that is ever been taking," said Bill Nelson during a recent teleconference.

In the teleconference, there was also talk about how James Webb will see the Universe and about the telescope's ability to send us data about the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Scientists expected to receive data from the atmospheres of exoplanets similar to the Earth's atmosphere and also images of those exoplanets.

Thus, researchers will be able to figure out which of the planets, life may or may not exist and whether humans can go there.

Until then, however, we need to see James Webb's ability with all 4 of its tools put into operation and verified so that we can figure out exactly what to expect during the mission.

But as Bill Nelson says "Webb's journey is only just begun," and that we will see the deepest images ever taken, we should expect wonders in the first clear and full-color image.

Okay, not that we see an exoplanet in detail or some aliens, but maybe some wonderful images inside a distant galaxy might be the first attempt.

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