NASA has discovered 10 new exoplanets. See here

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

NASA has discovered 10 new exoplanets. And we are only in the second month of this year. In any case, the discoveries are in chain at the beginning of this year, several agencies/companies/organizations/institutions discovering a lot of things. I think each of us is waiting to see what the scientists will discover by the end of the year. 

NASA is on the same trend, discoveries one after another. But also extraordinary moments: the first photo from the James Webb Telescope (see first photo from IXPE mission (see here: capture of the surface of Venus by Solar Probe (see here :) and much more. 

In addition, we would like to inform you that since the beginning of the year, NASA has discovered 10 more exoplanets, many of them having the orbiting -transit- method. The last exoplanet discovered by the US space agency was HD 22532 b, a gas giant with a radius of 1.19 x Jupiter radius (estimated) and a mass of 2.12 Jupiters mass. It was also detected by a less commonly used method: Radial Velocity. 

Of the 10 new exoplanets, 5 were discovered by the transit method. And 4 were discovered by the Radial Velocity method. Instead, 1 of the new exoplanets was not cataloged by any method or maybe NASA forgot to send such an update on its website. 

In any case, we will find out what kind of method was used to discover this new exoplanet. So far, NASA has discovered 4,914 confirmed exoplanets and has 8,493 more candidates. We hope NASA discovers as much as possible! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 16 February 2022, at 12:35 pm Los Angeles time

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