NASA has just announced an ambitious date for the launch of its mega-rocket to the moon

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 23 July 2022, at 09:39 am Los Angeles time

A NASA representative said the space agency is prepared to announce some possible launch dates for the Artemis 1 mission: "We have tentative dates set for August 29, September 2, and September 5."

This mission has been long awaited because, in many ways, Artemis 1 marks the beginning of a new era for NASA: the first mission for its new Space Launch System (SLS) series of rockets, and one that will send an unmanned Orion spacecraft around the Moon as an essential test for a future manned lunar mission.

Until now, in 2022, the launch of Artemis 1 has been repeatedly delayed. The critical rehearsal for fueling the rocket and the launch countdown was repeatedly thwarted. Now, however, the Agency is confident that it is ready to launch its new giant rocket. "The team is now ready to take the next step and prepare for launch."

If all goes according to plan, NASA will have a two-hour window starting at 8:33 a.m. EDT on August 29 to launch Artemis 1. The Orion spacecraft will orbit the moon and then return 42 days later on October 10, landing in the Pacific Ocean. If this date won't work, possible moon landings can be expected on October 11 or October 17.

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