NASA is hiring priests to explain to believers a possible meeting with the aliens

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

The year 2021 is not over yet. There is still fascinating news. Recently, NASA announced that it is hiring 24 priests to explain to believers in God a possible encounter with other living beings. So far we know very little about the Universe and maybe he knows us better, we don't know what is there where we can't even see with telescopes, but it would be too strange for us to be the only life form in this whole universe. It is hard to believe that in a universe of trillions or more light years, we will be the only form of life that thinks. 

There can probably be more life forms in the Universe. There may be different life forms, more similar or different than us, but they can exist. Most likely or not, at this time, there can be no life form other than us in the Solar System. But in our galaxy, the Milky Way, in the local group of galaxies and other groups of galaxies and throughout the universe, there may be another form of life. Water has been found on Mars, so where there is water, bacteria can exist. But that's not what we mean by life. We refer to a way of life that thinks like us, to develop, to move. We should not call life forms aliens. We should simply reconcile ourselves to the idea that we could not be the only forms of life to think. 

And in order to be able to explain to people what these life forms mean, you have to tell them what they mean. Of these, NASA has hired 24 priests of all religions to tell believers in God that we may not be alone in the universe. NASA's plan began in 2015 and they have invested heavily in this project to tell them in their own understanding that there may be life beyond Earth. To be able to tell people that even though God created us, other beings could be created in this universe and that we are not the only ones. Even if other life forms could not see or hear or not have something in common with us, but could think or have other strengths that we do not have. 

On Christmas Day, the James Webb Telescope was launched, the most powerful telescope ever launched, and many hope that it will be able to see how plants and galaxies formed in a new technology. But there are others who hope that it will find new forms of life. Yes, it would be something that would completely change our perception of who we are.

But the question is whether they will accept us, whether they are more developed than us, or whether we are more developed than they are. If it could exist, 3,4,5, etc. life forms and find each other? It could be, but there is no sure answer. NASA: "People must be prepared to accept that in infinite space there could be other forms of life."

"No matter what being discovered in the universe, he would also have God as his father," say Orthodox priests.

Marius Ioan Piso, president and executive director of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA): "It is difficult to say that God is the spiritual leader of planet Earth. God extends throughout the universe. Religion is at least a necessity because it tries to bring to a simplified level our perception of the world in which we live. Every religious leader is aware that religion transposes a little higher the level of knowledge is much higher. "

In any case, we will probably find other life forms, now, in 10, over 100 years, but we might find one. We wish success to priests of all religions and to NASA to be able to explain to humanity what this new way of life means. And let's hope people don't develop conspiracy theories about this. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 30 December 2021, at 04:33 am Los Angeles time

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