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Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

NASA has set many records in space throughout its history and it seems that even now the US space agency continues to set records. The record that NASA will most likely set this year is about the longest time spent in space without interruption. Until now, Christina Koch set a record of 328 days in space, then came Scott Kelly who overtook Koch, standing in space for 340 days without interruption. 

Now, Vande Hei may set a new space record: 355 days in space without interruption, which means almost a year. Today (February 4, 2022), 300 days in space was reached for Vande Hei. And we will be able to see it on Earth again on March 30, 2022. Vande was very active on the ISS (International Space Station), referring to the research he did with his crew. He has been involved in many projects and hopefully by the time he returns to Earth, he will be able to complete all the projects he still has to do. 

On the ISS today, Expedition 66 contained space biology and human research, according to NASA. This research will help scientists improve health in space and on Earth for humans. 

About space activities: 

"NASA flight engineers Raja Chari and European Space Agency's Matthias Maurer joined the European Space Agency on Wednesday afternoon for a study of visual function inside the Kibo lab module. The investigation explores how microgravity affects vascular function. and eye remodeling. " said NASA. 

Another NASA astronaut, Kayla Barrona, did other research into how astronauts visually interpret movement, orientation, and distance in space. A lot of other activities take place every day on the International Space Station, which NASA usually shares with us. New technologies were tested on the ISS, plants such as hot peppers were grown, human cells in space were examined, and many other experiments were performed.

More about the activities on ISS you can find here.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 04 February 2022, at 11:45 am Los Angeles time

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