NASA recently observed a Neptune-like planet, but with yellow and blue colors ... See here

Credit image: NASA exoplanets
Credit image: NASA exoplanets

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 01 March 2022, at 01:18 pm Los Angeles time

NASA recently observed a Neptune-like planet with the name TOI-1759 b using the transit method, but with yellow and blue colors, as can be seen in the first images presented by the space agency. 

So far, the US space agency has discovered 4,935 (confirmed) exoplanets, and one of the latest is a Neptune-like planet orbiting a K-type star. The planet has a mass 6.8 times that of Earth, and a radius of 0.279 from the radius of Jupiter. 

Also, according to NASA, the planet has an orbital period of 18.8 days, and the orbital radius measures around 0.1176 AU (astronomical units). 

A rather strange thing is that the exoplanet has some colors that are hard to find on other exoplanets. And a rather rare combination, with shades of yellow and blue. Also, from time to time, we can see a ninety green. 

But often exoplanets even if they look like a planet in the Solar System, such as the newly discovered one, placed in the category of Neptune-like planets, resemble certain features, but not always their color. 

In any case, the planet is very beautiful, and its colors, as unusual as they seem, are so beautiful. 

NASA is in a fairly extensive discovery process, right from the beginning of the year, discovering a lot of exoplanets. And we wish success to NASA in discovering more worlds!


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