NASA Spacewalk Briefing

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA
Breaking news! Two astronauts from the International Space Station will go into space on August 24. They will install a support console in preparation for the future installation of the third solar panel of the laboratory.

There will also be a press conference with NASA at 2 pm EDT on August 23. The two astronauts who will come out are from NASA, it's Mark Vande Hei and from JAXA, it's Akihio Hoshide. This is one of the few flights on the ISS that takes place. Of course NASA and JAXA will determine later, exactly who will do one thing day after day. This will also be the station's 242nd space passage since it was for maintenance and upgrades. They have to change the solar panels, because they wear out after 15 years, these on the station were last updated in 2000, so they have to be replaced with the new iROSAs. The orbital laboratory has been visited by 244 people so far from 19 countries. And it has hosted over 3,000 research ae researchers and scientists from 108 countries.

Congratulations NASA and JAXA and all participants who work on this project.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen