NASA will launch the following rockets in Australia, not in the USA (the first time in history)! See here what missions


Latest news! NASA will launch the following rockets in Australia, not in the USA! NASA completed on December (this year) the final details of the next missions to be launched in Australia. This news that NASA will now launch their missiles from Australia, not from the United States, is unique so far. NASA will place its missile launch base (the new base) in a location in northern Australia, not yet revealed. There is only red earth, but not long after, a whole space base with the NASA logo will be built on it. 

NASA scientists, who are now busy on the ground at the East Arnhem space base, say that in just a few months, NASA rockets will be able to be launched from Australia. "In many ways, this is another signal that Australia, as a nation, is open to launch business," said Enrico Palermo of the Australian Space Agency some time ago. Indeed, for Australia, this NASA space-based move will mean a huge development in the area. This moving moment will make history the first time NASA moves its space base from America to Australia. 

Maybe NASA thought strategically about this move. The place where the rockets will go into space is close to the equator, and the equator is the ideal place for launches. NASA aims to launch rockets around 15 m high from Australia and to launch rockets that will be launched somewhere 200 km above the Earth. In addition, NASA estimates that 100 rockets can be sent from there annually, and launches will begin in the middle of next year. "It gives you extra spin speed, which means it launches your rocket faster, you need less fuel," said Carley Scott of Equatorial Launch Australia.

We wish NASA and the Australian space agency it works with success! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 12 December 2021, at 08:57 am Los Angeles time

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