Nelson said that we can create buildings on Moon

Credit: NASA - Bill Nelson
Credit: NASA - Bill Nelson

News! A last-minute decision by NASA administrator Bill Nelson. He said the astronauts would no longer be exclusively white men. Bill also said this through an example that suggested that very soon, a woman and a person of color will land on the moon. Nelson also said that the mission that will soon take the astronauts into space, the Artemis mission will be led by a much more diverse group of people. "The astronaut corps looks a lot different, they're not all white male test pilots. 

Now they're women, and they're people of color, and they're PhDs, and they're medical doctors and they're scientists. It faces just like your faces. The faces of America," Nelson told, says All of these statements by Bill Nelson, NASA administrator, were given to a group of high school students and students at Florida A&M-Florida State College of Engineering. 

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In addition, Nelson gave details about NASA's next mission through the Artemis program. He claimed that an idea was being discussed to turn the Moondust into concrete to build blocks of flats and buildings on the moon. As well as the moon to become a kind of station for spacecraft going to Mars. Nelson also said that humans still have to wait to go into space. He claimed that the current tickets are expensive to go into space, but later they will probably be lower. 

NASA's Artemis mission aims to bring people back to the moon. After many explorations of the Moon and many astronauts who arrived on the Moon until the 2000s. NASA now wants to bring back more astronauts to the Moon. NASA wants to bring different astronauts and not all the same. Artemis will do these missions somewhere in 2024 when NASA said it would launch the first rockets. 

NASA and Bill Nelson said the Artemis mission aims to: 

- finding water resources on the Moon 

- finding the mysteries of the Moon 

- scientific data on the surface 

And more. NASA will begin this year 2021 to prepare the Artemis mission for great success. 

We wish success to both NASA and Bill Nelson as NASA administrators, as well as to the Artemis team to achieve their goals.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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