New ispace mission

Credit: ispace
Credit: ispace
Breaking news! Ispace has stated that it will want to launch a mission to the Moon! The mission will be called Series 2 and will be one of the largest missions to the Moon. The developers have announced that this mission can reach the very poles of the Moon, ie the places most rarely seen by a mission. It has been stated so far that the mission will be for commercial purposes and that it is being built in Germany.

But we still have to wait a long time until it can be released, because the developers said that it could be released somewhere only in 2024. The Japanese company ispace will collaborate in this project with SpaceX, because it announced that their mission together with the merchant ship will be launched from a Falcon 9 of SpaceX. The developers have announced that in addition to the fact that the mission can reach the poles of the Moon, it will be able to withstand the dark side of the Moon. Many in the mission said that this will be an important step towards new trade missions.

The ship also has different compartments well placed. In any case, there will be many nuns in that period and NASA and SpaceX. "As we look to the near future, Series 2 will enable us to not only increase our capabilities, but also to provide greater access and opportunities for our customers," ispace founder and CEO Takeshi Hakamada said in a statement.

We wish everyone success and we hope that everything will go well.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen