New mission on Mars

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! The Ingenuity helicopter will prepare for its 13th flight since Mars today, September 4. 2021. According to NASA, it will fly at a low altitude, even if in the other flights it flew above, now NASA wants to see in detail the surface of Mars and see possible paths for Perseverence.

The entire flight operation will begin at 20:08 ET. The helicopter will also fly near the place where it flew in the 12th flight, that is, near South Seitah, a region quite well known by NASA. NASA has announced that it will fly only 8 meters above the ground of Mars, compared to 10 meters it flew in the 12th flight. Even if for us, it can't mean much 2 meters difference, for the helicopter and for the better image capture, it means something. It will try to scan somehow everywhere, in the northeast and southwest, that is, it will try to change the camera from one place to another to provide a detailed picture of Mars and the mapping of this planet.

NASA announced that on the 210 meters it will fly, in 161 seconds (approx. 2, 68 min) it will make 10 images. These will add to the total of 1,390 black and white images and the 72 images there (13 megapixels). So, 10 more are added to the collection, which provides information and images of potato scratching Mars.

We wish Perseverence and NASA success as well as those who work with these researchers much success!

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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