New problems on ISS with smoke

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! Besides the fact that the ISS only had problems a few weeks / months ago, now you have a problem for me, as if it wasn't enough. A fire alarm, which if not reported, would cause a catastrophe aboard the ISS. NASA claimed that the alarm went off at 1:55 AM GMT, but claimed it was nothing to the Americans. Yes, the Russians had problems, after the alarm or alarms were triggered, it is not known, they were triggered in the Zvezda service module in the Russian segment of the ISS. 

But the smoke from it came to the Americans. But the Russians woke up immediately and fixed the problem with a kind of air jet, so they cleaned the air and all the astronauts went to bed. Also, the Russians announced that this incident would have been caused by an overcharging of a module battery, then it will charge automatically. 

We remind you that today everything is fine and that the two astronauts who went outside the ISS today, solve problems in space, you can see the entire course of the astronauts here: (if it's still there). 

And we announce that Russia has also threatened to withdraw from the ISS in 2025, but nothing is certain. 

We wish success to NASA and the Russians, as well as to those on the ISS, and we hope that this year there will be no more "accidents" on the ISS, or at least few. 

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