New problems on ISS

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! New problems at the ISS (International Space Station). The new problems were discovered by Russian cosmonauts inside the ISS. So far, ISS fissures are small, but it is not ruled out that they will start to get bigger, as one official said: "Now they are small, but they can get bigger." 

These words now come as a concern to ISS astronauts. No evacuation measures have been taken so far, because the problems are not so big at the moment. To find out where the crack occurred: "Superficial fissures have been found in some places on the Zarya module,"; "This is bad and suggests that the cracks will start to spread over time." claimed Vladimir Solovyov who is chief engineer of the rocket and space corporation Energy. In recent months, as you have seen in our previous articles, the ISS has had several accidents such as: 

- The accidental start of propellers of the Russian Nauka mode

- A crack due to an ISS astronaut, which has not yet been discovered 

- And other incidents in the past

We remind you that after the Nauka incident, Russian officials said they would want to withdraw from the ISS starting in 2025 if the Americans do not meet certain political requirements. We hope that everything will go well and that the crack will be repaired, but we cannot know for sure. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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