News! A record number of planets traveling through our galaxy have just been identified


News! Astronomers have discovered a huge number of planets traveling through our galaxy. This discovery was made by an international team of astronomers from Austria, Spain, France and Japan. This huge number of planets (not belonging to the Solar System) travel through our galaxy alone, without a star around which to revolve. There are an impressive number of exoplanets in our galaxy, but they revolve around a star, instead these new planets found in our galaxy are alone, without revolving around a star and in addition they travel at an extremely high speed. 

The number of these planets that do not have a star orbiting them is in the order of billions, and astronomers have said that these single planets can be found almost everywhere in the Milky Way. For this huge number of single found planets, there is a fairly accepted theory. Some scientists have said that the planets were thrown out of their solar system because of supernovae or the gravity of other stars passing close to them. 

Even though there are billions in our galaxy, they are hard to find because they are not illuminated by anything (they do not have a star to illuminate them). Thus, researchers have now found between 70 and 170 single planets in our galaxy. This discovery is based on data gathered by several telescopes for almost 20 years, with astronomers analyzing 80,000 images. 

Astronomers say that such planets that have a mass and size comparable to Jupiter have been found in the constellations of Scorpio and Ophiucus. Even though they are single and the astronomers have not discovered any small details that show that there may be a life form on them, they find them very interesting. 

First of all, astronomers believe that these planets have a different atmosphere because they do not revolve around a star. They may fly satellites that have water on them. If scientists can prove that there is a different atmosphere on these planets, then they will have to be studied very carefully. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 15 January 2022, at 01:40 am Los Angeles time

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