News! Orbex space agency is building new rocket testing unit under construction in Scotland

Credit: Orbex
Credit: Orbex

News! Orbex Space Agency is building a new rocket test unit under construction, in Scotland! The private company Orbex started on December 9 this year to develop a new rocket testing unit that is still in the testing phase. The expected announcement of the company has arrived! In addition, the UK space agency welcomes this news. With a new rocket testing unit, the UK is expanding its aerospace field even further. The station will be built in Kinloss, Scotland and will be mostly destined for the new generation rockets. 

Recently, the CEO of the UK space agency said: "The construction of this new facility marks another major milestone in our ambitions to become a modern, agile spacefaring nation. Orbex is an innovative spaceflight company developing its own launch vehicle which will be tested at this new facility, before launching from Space Hub Sutherland. ". 

In addition, as the UK develops its space and aerospace engineering industry, this new unit will lend a helping hand to the satellite launch sector. The Uk space agency wants to launch their first satellites in the UK next year. Thus, the rocket that will carry the satellites will be tested there. It has also been decided who will build the launchpad for the first launch of the satellite. Motive Offshore Group is the company proposed by Orbex for the development of the platform from where the first missions in that unit will be launched.  Thus, the platform will be called Orbex LP1 and the Orbex Prime rocket will be launched on it, which has the mission to transport satellites in the low orbit of the Earth. 

Orbex Prime rocket is an Orbex rocket that is developing the test unit for the new rockets, but the rocket has also received good funding from the UK space agency. £ 5.5 million in funding. This funding is also part of a UK government project. As I said above, it (the government) aims to launch satellites from Britain's space ports. Space Hub Sutherland is one of seven sites that could serve as space ports in the UK. This site is developed by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. An article on the UK government's website estimates that the spaceport will generate 60 new jobs in Caithness and Sutherland and beyond, for a total of 250 in the wider region. 

We wish success to the UK space agencies to be able to fulfill their goal of launching satellites from their own country! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 12 December 2021, at 05:55 am Los Angeles time

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