News! Researchers confirmed water on the moon for the first time. See here where and how

Credit: LIN Honglei
Credit: LIN Honglei

News! Researchers found water on the moon in a strange place. Okay, rather a rover found these water traces on the moon, a team of researchers just analyzed the data and confirmed the presence of water on the moon. The team of researchers who analyzed this lunar water detection was led by Prof. LIN Yangting and LIN Honglei from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGGCAS). However, various scientists or researchers from CAS's National Center for Space Sciences, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics and Nanjing University also participated in the study. According to the data, this is the first proof that there is water on the Moon. 

The studies published in Science Advances on January 7, 2022 include orbital observations and measurements of the samples, which were completed in the last decade. So far there are no clear data showing that the water was found in liquid form. It is very difficult to find water in liquid form, but according to research, there is a possibility that the traces of water detected on the moon may be in the form of hydroxyl or H2O. The one that detected the presence of water on the Moon is the Chinese lander Chang'E-5, which also returned 1,731 g of collected samples from the Moon. The lander performed spectral reflection measurements of the regolith and  rock, according to Science Advances. 

These measurements used, the mineralogical spectrometer (LMS) to clear evidence of the existence of water on the moon. After the researchers saw the data sent by the lander instrument, they did some quantitative spectral analyzes that showed that the moon ground at the landing site contains less than 120 ppm of water, which is less than previously thought during the studies (only at the end of the studies was the above amount confirmed). But another rock that was most likely analyzed at a much stronger absorption contains 180 ppm of water, which means a lot, reporting that at the landing site there were only 120 ppm of water, and on a single rock there was find 180 ppm. 

The researchers suggested, after several analyzes, that most likely the water was very much in the rocks and a little below the surface of the moon, so we may not be able to detect large amounts of water. So according to some American researchers. It is also claimed that if it were drilled on the surface of the Moon, we could have "surprises" as to why it is there. But there is another theory, which is perhaps much clearer. The researchers analyzed and claimed that the rock may have more water in it than the landing ground because the mantle tank degassed below the Chang'E-5 landing site. These are scientific terms, with many calculations behind them, but which would show why the water is in a rock much more than in a piece of soil. But the data is still being analyzed. 

We wish success to all those who do research on this discovery and we wish success to the lander to find more water on the moon. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 09 January 2022, at 07:10 am Los Angeles time

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