News! Scientists have discovered that space travel destroys red blood cells faster than on Earth. See here


News! Scientists have discovered that space travel destroys red blood cells faster than on Earth. This study started to see why astronauts become anemic when they reach Earth. According to the BBC, scientists have found that they become anemic due to the loss of red blood cells during space travel (losing faster than on Earth). The discovery was made by several Canadian scientists who also said that 50% more red blood cells were destroyed. 

The researchers claimed that 3 million red blood cells per second are lost in space, instead of 2 million on Earth, so 50% more. However, the body compensates back, and if it does not, the astronauts, in addition to being very sick in space, will find it difficult to even move. 

Because of this, the trips to distant destinations such as Mars or even the Moon can be risky for astronauts and a major challenge due to the accelerated loss of these cells. The study by the University of Ottawa was conducted on 14 astronauts who spent 6 months on the ISS (International Space Station). 

According to BBC news, the scientists used blood samples and respiration taken during their missions. Thus, scientists have been able to discover the decrease in red blood cells, which are the key to life. 

"Our study shows that upon arriving in space, more red blood cells are destroyed, and this continues for the entire duration of the astronaut's mission," said Dr. Guy Trudel, lead researcher and hospital physician. 

Astronauts feel this anemia in space at a very low level close to nowhere, but when they return to Earth, they have low bone mass and feel this anemia for a few days. 

"If we can find out exactly what's causing this anaemia, then there is a potential to treat it or prevent it, both for astronauts and for patients here on Earth," said Dr. Trudel.

Scientists have found that after a few days of returning to Earth, they begin to feel better, but after a year they will begin to lose more red blood cells than usual. This in pacts cannot be prevented as long as the researchers do not know where this anemia comes from. 

However, they recommended that astronauts from future missions to the moon or other planets adapt their diet and eat manicures that would bring a lot of iron to their bodies. But they say it would be necessary to screen astronauts and space tourists for blood or health problems caused by anemia before space flight. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 15 January 2022, at 01:50 am Los Angeles time

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