Over 170 exoplanets discovered in 2021

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! Even though this year humans have stayed and still stay in the house for a long time, NASA has not stopped discovering new planets. This can be confirmed by data on new exoplanets discovered only this year. NASA has surpassed 170 exoplanets discovered this year, 171. Number of exoplanets discovered this year is not the largest, in other years even 300 exoplanets were discovered in a year. And in other years less. The number of 171 exoplanets discovered is an average number, but the year is not over yet. In 2020, for example, 230 exoplanets were discovered, and in 2018, slightly fewer, 204. 

A record number of discovered exoplanets was set in 2014, and in that year alone, 872 exoplanets were discovered by NASA. It should be noted that the "beginning of the discovery of exoplanets" began in 1989. In 1989, the first exoplanet was discovered, something that marked the world of space science at the time. The year 1989 showed that there are planets outside the Solar System, something that before was just a hypothesis. 

This year's record of 171 discovered exoplanets was brought by the exoplanet EPIC 206042996.01. This is the last recently discovered exoplanet. It is of the Super Earth type, has a mass of 1.87 greater than that of the Earth, the radius is 1.2 greater than that of the Earth, ie it has a radius of 7645.2 km, approx. 7645. In addition, the direction method is: transit, and the orbital period is 0.4 Earth days. 

Through these discoveries, NASA comes to know at this time 4551 (confirmed). Of these, they are: 

- 1538 Neptune-like 

- 1445 Gas Gigant 

- 1396 Super Earth 

- 167 Terrestrial 

- 5 Unknow 

Of all the exoplanets discovered, according to the method used, they are divided into: 

- Transit (75.5%) 

- Radial Velocity (19.4%) 

- Microlensing (2.6%) 

- Imaging (1.2%)

We wish NASA will be able to discover new exoplanets by the end of the year, and next year we will have more planets discovered! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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