Record of earthquakes on Mars

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

News! NASA said its InSight space helicopter detected 3 of the strongest earthquakes on Mars. He was referring to the three biggest earthquakes, when Insight is there.

The earthquakes detected were:

- 4.2 magnitude on August 25;

- 4.1 magnitude on August 25;

- 4.2 magnitude on September 18.

As you can see all three had approx. the same magnitudes, so they are probably the largest so far. They came one after the other, without being able to climb much, compared to the previous one. Like three earthquakes with approx. the same magnitudes to happen in a single month approx., calr meant that something made them create. Maybe from inside the planet. NASA announced only yesterday, September 22, about the existence and detection of these earthquakes on the Martian surface.

The first two, that is, those that happened on August 25, were relatively short. Scientists, however, fear the third earthquake, which was not short at all. It lasted approx. 85-95 minutes. The Martian helicopter made these measurements with one of its seismometers, the most efficient. The question, however, is why the Martian helicopter did not suffer anything for 90 minutes in such a large earthquake?

Simple, this revealed another record. The September 18 (2021) earthquake occurred at a distance of 5,280 miles (8,500 kilometers) from Insight. The longest distance ever noticed by InSight.

That explains everything. But the other two earthquakes, the previous ones, were not that far away, they were relatively close and maybe they moved the Insight helicopter a little when they occurred. They were proud at a distance of approx. 575 miles (925 km) from the Martian helicopter. We hope that Insight will bring us more scientific information as soon as possible, including the rovers on Mars. But at least not in the next two weeks. Because the helicopter will not receive orders from September 29 until somewhere on October 14, NASA announced.

But as long as the rovers on Mars provide information, it's fine.

Good luck InSight and rovers on Mars! We wish success to them and to NASA and its collaborators and those who deal with such missions.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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