Researcher: A solar storm will "hit" the Earth directly on July 19

Credit image: pixabay images
Credit image: pixabay images

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 18 July 2022, at 10:58 am Los Angeles time

UPDATE: The solar storm is expected to hit Earth later, on July 19, but scientists say it could also occur on July 20 or 21 (2022).

Although geomagnetic storms have not caused any harm, they sound the alarm for what may happen in the future to the stronger storms that will hit the Earth.

Earlier this month, a G1 class geomagnetic storm hit Earth, causing bright auroras across Canada. The only problem is that no one saw this storm coming until it was quite late.

Five days ago, a giant sunspot and filaments on the solar surface prompted astronomers to sound the alarm about possible solar flares targeting the Earth and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that could lead to disruptions. of current.

Finally, on Friday, a massive solar flare was reported to erupt, which could cause radio outages in many parts of the world.

On Saturday, researcher Tamitha Skov predicted a "direct hit" of a solar storm that will take place on Tuesday. She turned to social media to share the news along with a video of NASA's prediction model.

"Direct hit!" she wrote on Twitter. "A snake-like filament has launched like a great solar storm and will hit the Earth."

"NASA predicts the impact at the beginning of July 19," she explained, adding that there could be GPS interruptions.

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