Researchers may have found a diamond on Earth from space. See here

Credit: BBC/Reuters - The Enigma (name of the diamond)
Credit: BBC/Reuters - The Enigma (name of the diamond)

Recently, a group of researchers found a black diamond and there are theories that show that the diamond could have come from space. The diamond is over 1 billion years old and is probably the largest cut diamond on Earth. There is no concrete evidence that the diamond is from space, but due to its shape, weight and color, there are theories that claim that the diamond comes from space. 

But black diamonds were also found, indeed much older than this, and they were not from space, but from Earth. The previous black diamonds found were 2.6-3.2 billion years ago. 

This diamond is classified as a carbonado, meaning the toughest forms of natural diamond.  These forms of carbonado are found only in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Another characteristic of the diamond that is believed to come from space is the finding of osbornite (a mineral found only in meteorites). If so, then most carbonado diamonds could be classified as gems from space. 

According to the BBC: 

Aaron Celestian, a geologist at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, said that carbonados "could have formed super deep within the Earth's interior, far deeper than what we know already of diamonds. "There are hypotheses that suggest they were formed at impact sites where a large asteroid fell on earth," he told Reuters news agency.

Or in addition to the one mentioned above, the diamond could have formed first in the space, and then come to Earth. There are many theories, but the origins of these diamonds are still unknown. 

The diamond will not be kept by any museum but will be put up for auction. It has 555.55 carats and 55 faces. The diamond is expected to be taken for £ 4.4 million.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 05 February 2022, at 01:38 am Los Angeles time

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