Researchers will send music 39 light-years from Earth to contact aliens. Here's what to expect


Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 19 April 2022, at 01:00 pm Los Angeles time

Alien life? Probable.

A team of scientists will send musical signals into space to make first contact with an alien civilization.

The signals will be sent at 39 light-years from Earth to TRAPPIST-1, a system that has 3 probably habitable exoplanets.

Among the musical portions that will be sent are Ode 1. Ode to the Herald of God. A Beauty of the Earth by Eduard Artemyev and Journey Through the Asteroid Belt by The Comet is Coming.

Also, the musical signals will be sent into space, in a set of radio messages that will also contain scientific elements, according to the researchers.

"The radio messages consist of musical and scientific elements that will be sent to TRAPPIST-1, an exoplanet system 39 light-years from Earth, and then during the next transmission to the exoplanet K2-18b, located at a distance of 124 light- years from Earth. " said Otabek Suleimanov, producer-in-chief of Stihia

The message will be sent from Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station in Cornwall, UK, by METI on October 4, 2022.

METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is an organization based in San Francisco, California, that wants to contact extraterrestrial civilization for the first time.

What should we expect?

If there is extraterrestrial life, then most likely we will receive a message back from them, after almost 80 years (somewhere after the year 2100 we should expect an answer).

Also, if there is extraterrestrial life, if they get the message and they know that there is life on planet Earth, then it won't be long before we make face-to-face contact with them. It depends on what technology they have.

If they don't have it better than us and don't have super-fast spaceships, then it will take longer for us to meet them.

Source: METI , Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation

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