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Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 29 May 2022, at 07:40 am Los Angeles time

You do not know which telescope to choose, but do you want to make astronomical observations and then save them in high-quality images?

But sometimes the budget for a good telescope exceeds your expectations.

That's why we have prepared a list of telescopes of any type and for any budget, from Orion Telescope, one of the leaders in the telescope market in Great Britain and beyond.

1. Refractor

1. Orion GoScope III 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope - best value ever

Price: 79.99 £

Optical diameter: 70 mm

Weight, fully assembled: 1.9 kg

Best for: Lunar & planetary

User level: Beginner


  • 5x24 finder scope for easy aiming
  • two anti-reflection coated 1.25" 
  • Kellner telescope eyepieces (20mm and 9mm) for 20-power and 44-power views right out of the box 
  • Orion MoonMap 260 to help you learn about the cool lunar features you see


You have to start somewhere, so if you haven't bought a telescope before, it would be good to start with something for beginners and not go for something advanced yet.  And this Orion package is perfect for a beginner! 

You can easily observe the craters of the Moon and various planets in the Solar System. A diameter of 70mm is not very big, but it is enough to know if you really want to start such a hobby. 

The telescope includes a very good backpack for storing various things when you go to make observations from different places, a Lunar map from Orion, you also have an Altazimuth mount and aluminum tripod (you don't have to buy separately, so you save), 20mm Kellner eyepiece, 1.25 " and 9mm Kellner eyepiece, 1.25 "and more. 

You will not be disappointed with the telescope, the price is very low. 

2.  Orion EON 115mm ED Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope

Credit image: Orion
Credit image: Orion
Credit image: Orion
Credit image: Orion

Price: 1,419.99 £

Optical diameter: 115 mm

Weight, fully assembled: 6.8 kg

Best for: Lunar & bright deep sky

User level: Advanced


  •   Orion EON 115mm ED Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope

The telescope is expensive, and the package includes nothing but the telescope itself. 

In any case, if your budget for a telescope is up to 1500-2000 pounds, it is much better to buy this telescope than a more expensive one, but not with the qualities of this telescope. 

Orion offers Premium Optics for this telescope, making it extremely powerful for observations of galaxies and bright objects, including comets. It is easy to handle, without a mounting type. 

Even if it is expensive, it is worth all the money. With it, you can easily observe comets and galaxies. On the link below you can see images taken by the telescope.

2.  Reflector

1. Orion StarSeeker IV 130mm GoTo Reflector W/O Hand Controller - best for all 

Credit image: Orion
Credit image: Orion

Price: 508.99 £

Optical diameter: 130 mm

Weight, fully assembled: 9.8 kg

Best for: Lunar & bright deep sky (viewing)

User level: Beginner, but good for all


  • StarSeeker IV 130mm optical tube assembly

  • StarSeeker IV GoTo mount and tripod

  • EZ Finder II reflex sight

  • 23mm wide-field 60° AFOV eyepiece, 1.25"

  • 10mm wide-field 60° AFOV eyepiece, 1.25"

  • Accessory tray

  • 12V DC power cable (auto lighter plug to 2.1/5.5mm plug)

  • Quick-collimation cap

  • Liquid-filled compass

  • MoonMap 260

  • DeepMap 600

  • Allen key, 2mm


This is probably one of those telescopes that we can say is good for all levels. 

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate or even advanced, this telescope will help you in various astronomical observations. 

The price is quite reasonable, it is neither big nor small, it is perfect to give to someone passionate about astronomy, a gift for his/her birthday. 

In addition, if you look at the list above you will see that it includes a lot of things in the package offered by Orion. 

This telescope also allows imaging of what you see, recommended for lunar and planetary observations, but you can also see through it very distant objects light-years away, such as galaxies. 

The price is perfect for both personal use and a gift for a special person you know will like it. 

3. Dobsonian

1. Orion SkyLine 12" Dobsonian Reflector Telescope Kit - best for all expectations

Credit image: Orion
Credit image: Orion

Price: 1,669.99 £

Optical diameter: 300 mm

Weight, fully assembled: 37.8 kg

Best for: Fainter deep sky and probably all  things you may expect to observe (viewing)

User level: Good for all, recommended for Intermediate


  • Orion DeepMap 600 to enhance your celestial discovery
  • The Orion UltraBlock is the ideal eyepiece filter for deep-sky observers located at highly light-polluted sites
  • The Orion Variable Polarizing eyepiece filter acts like a dimmer switch for your telescope
  • Use the Orion MoonMap 260 to learn more about the lunar features you see in the telescope
  • Four vital Orion guides to the most popular planets to observe in telescopes
  • Take smartphone pictures of the view through your telescope with this SteadyPix Telescope adapter


Fascinating! The telescope has the extraordinary power of capturing light making the image you see from space, with very high clarity and quality. 

At a diameter of 300 mm, the telescope is a good investment for any astronomy enthusiast and any budding astronomer. 

Even if the price seems high, you should know that the price is good for everything that includes the package and the telescope. 

However, it is quite difficult to handle, weighing almost 40 kg. The only way to make observations outside of places near your home is to always have a free car for this telescope, as it takes up a lot of space. 

Even if you had a budget of a maximum of $ 1,500 or a pound, it's worth putting in a little extra for this telescope. 

And if you don't like it, Orion will give you your money back in 30 days if you return it. In addition, even if the mounting can be difficult, Orion also offers free technical support. 

Dobsonian telescopes like this are usually for intermediaries who already know that they want astronomy to be a major hobby for them, so the investment is good. We recommend 300 mm in diameter for such a telescope if you want good image clarity. However, there are also smaller diameters on the Orion website here

So which one is best for you? You can choose it above. 

However, if you have not found the right telescope for you, we recommend that you go to the Orion telescopes website to see more variants of the telescope. 

They have a lot of telescopes, equipment, and accessories that will help you in your observations. There are prices from under £ 100 to over £ 2,000. So, if you want a different telescope than the one shown here, check out the Orion Telescopes website

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