Scientists claim that some inexplicable fast waves came out of the Sun.

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 28 March 2022, at 02:53 am Los Angeles time

According to scientists, some inexplicably fast waves came out of the Sun. According to them, the speed with which it moves is 3 times higher than it was first thought. 

Researchers also say that this is "a true mystery". These new discoveries suggest that there may be other physical processes of the Sun, not yet discovered, and may explain the interior of the Sun, which no one has seen before. 

The discovery was announced by Nature Astronomy magazine. According to the publication, scientists have also discovered that these waves from the Sun, also called high frequency retrograde waves or HFRs, appear in the form of vortices right on the surface of the Sun.

Another strange thing about these waves is that they move in the opposite direction to what other waves coming from the Sun are used to. 

However, the discovery will help us to understand more about the interior of the Sun and to get a better picture of it. As scientists have never been able to see the interior of the Sun, these new HFRs could be an opportunity to study the mysterious interior of the Sun, and not only, but also the other stars. 

"If the HFR waves could be attributed to any of these three processes, then the finding would have answered some open questions we still have about the Sun," said the researcher lead Chris S Hanson. "However, these new waves don't appear to be a result of these processes, and that's exciting because it leads to a whole new set of questions."

"The very existence of HFR modes and their origin is a true mystery and may allude to exciting physics at play," said the co-author of the paper, Shravan Hanasoge. "It has the potential to shed insight on the otherwise unobservable interior of the Sun."

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