Sketches of a rocket discovered in a roof

Credit: Sibiu Foto Adevărul
Credit: Sibiu Foto Adevărul

Breaking news! Sketches of a modern rocket and spaceship, found by a miracle in Romania! The sketches belong to Hermann Oberth, who is one of those who contributed to the development of technology and the launch of spacecraft from Earth. Coincidentally, these sketches were found on the roof of a memorial house that bears his name!

Oberth launched Romania one of the largest liquid-fuel missiles in Mediaș, Romania in 1935, thus, Mediaș was the fourth city in the world after Moscow, Berlin, and New Mexico to launch a rocket. Oberth, born in Sibiu on June 25, 1894, Romania was one of the great scientists of that time. Manuscripts, letters, sketches, newspapers, and many other works of the famous scientist were found on the roof of the memorial house. Some sketches and works date back almost a century!

Credit: public domain, in photo: Hermann Oberth
Credit: public domain, in photo: Hermann Oberth

He left Romania after a long time and went through Italy, Germany, and America like a great scientist. All the works found to belong to the city of Mediaș, so they will be kept by the city at the Mediaș Museum in Romania. This year, December 28 marks the 33rd anniversary of the death of a famous scientist.

We wish success to those who work at home to discover such works and we wish success to those who examine and work with these fascinating works.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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