SpaceX complete the Inspiration 4 mission

Credit: SpaceX
Credit: SpaceX

News! The safe return of all 4 members of SpaceX's Inspiration 4 mission to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida has been confirmed today! After three days in space, the capsule fell into the ocean somewhere near sunset. It was one of the biggest and most unique missions to date, proving that ordinary people who are not astronauts can walk in space and manage. They return at 7:06 p.m. EDT on 18 sept. 2021.

Three of the crew members were ordinary people, but with a great education, in engineering and others, you can see who the 4 astronauts were, in our old article here: In addition to the 3rd, the 4th was a billionaire who refined this exception. Elon Musk, who is the founder of SpaceX, said that the 4 people who made an orbital flight for three days for scientific purposes, are the first space tourists of SpaceX. For SpaceX to hear what Musk said, SpaceX broadcast: "Your mission has shown the world that space is for all of us."

And the billionaire who was in space also created a fundraiser for a hospital for children with cancer and for research based on cancer. The entire hospital costs $ 200 million. It will be called: St. Jude. You can donate to the hospital here: in the fundraising section. 

Besides the fact that it was a scientific mission, the crew also had a great joy to see with their own eyes, the Earth and space, having a view as many would like. Maybe they even saw the ISS (International Space Station), because they reached 160 km (approx.) Higher than the ISS, meaning that Inspiration 4 reached a very high altitude of approx. 575-585 km. As they landed, Hayley Arceneaux came out first and gave a big smile, and after her, the other passengers came out. While all 4 apsapgers were flying, their families were waiting for them at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Yes, but maybe the families were scared enough, knowing maybe that the 4 budding astronauts were sick, very sick when they got into orbit. 

The 4 budding astronauts were very calm, as if it were something of a space trip. They drew, they played the ukulele. Yes, SpaceX announced that it was necessary for one of the ship's passengers to put a ukulele in the ship, because that's what the one who asked for those ukuleles wanted. And before landing, Sembroki was the calmest, even though he knew he was going to land in an ocean and he started watching a movie, and it turned out that: Mel Brooks from 1987's Spaceballs. 

And he hated it on his personal tablet in space. It's probably one of the few movies that has been watched in marriage, isn't it? He called it: "What an amazing adventure!" and posted this on twitter after landing this. SpaceX announced that the flight went perfectly, the only two things that did not work were tiny: a toilet fan and a faulty temperature sensor.

Credit video: CNET 

Credit video: SpaceX

Yes, but the 4 will not be the only ones who are space tourists, they are just among the first. SpaceX with NASA want at least 6 flights with space shuttles, so far we know that one of them will start next year, at the beginning and will transport three people who each paid 55 million dollars. And Russia wants these space flights soon. And after the return of the 4 evolving astronauts, it went from 590 people who ever touched space or its edges, more precisely, it reached 591 people who have been in space until 60 years ago. We hope that SpaceX will continue to organize missions like this and many others, especially after Virgin Galactic established with Richard Branson a gateway to space travel. 

We wish everyone success and SpaceX to continue with such successful missions. Good luck SpaceX and all those who deal with such a thing and all researchers and scientists who deal with such a thing! Congratulations to the new astronauts! 

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