Spectacular images from the ISS to Earth

Credit: ESA/NASA and Thomas Pesquet
Credit: ESA/NASA and Thomas Pesquet

News! Spectacular images are captured in a video made on the ISS by one of the ESA (European Space Agency) astronauts. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet is on an Alpha mission and has surprised much of Southeast Asia from space. 

He posted the following along with the images: "A #timelapse night over Southeast Asia. The green lights of the squid fishery, the bright lights of the city of Hong Kong and Shanghai, followed by Seoul to the Korean peninsula border close on a black DPRK. " 

This video plays 12 times faster than normal and contains 25 frames per second, ESA announced in a post. In the video and images you can see Beijing, Shanhai, Hong Kong and many other big cities. To see the lights from blocks of flats, buildings, markets, shops, as well as from the sea, from some fishermen. Incredible images and video, congratulations Thomas! 

We wish Thomas Pesquet success in making such images and videos. It was also successful for the next more than 200 missions in space in the next period, as well as the 40 European experiments and 12 new experiments conducted by the French space agency CNES. ESA and CNES were also successful in the following missions. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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