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Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Breaking news! Mankind has been consuming its resources on Earth this year since the middle of the year! The announcement of the scientists came after several studies carried out over the period.

What does this mean? Mankind has arrived on duty and still doesn't realize it! What effect does this change have over time? If we were to make calculations from previous years, as well as the following years, we will come to the conclusion that if we continue like this, we will end up in 2030 (longing for 9 years) to need two planets like Earth with the same resources to survive! Maybe we are in balance in the years 2020-2021. Why? Because the year 2020 kept a lot of people in the house and because of this at the end of the year the Earth came out on top. That is, humanity has consumed less than it could in a year. And what we saved in 2020 is consumed in 2021 ...

According to scientists, the Earth has consumed the resources it had to give this year, since June 21, 2021. So, every day from June 21, 2021, until the end of the year, makes us run out of resources.

What should we do?

1. Pollution must be minimal (some states are trying such measures, especially those in the European Union, but others are still far away);

2. We consume as much as we need and do not waste;

3. We go to work/school on foot or by biker;

4. Recycling all materials so that we no longer consume from the Earth's reserves and recycle everything (this would mean that the Earth will continue to have and make even more necessary matter, and we will reuse what we have already consumed, which is anyway a lot);

5. Do not use plastic anywhere.

6. Turning off the water when we don't need to use it.

What would it mean if we followed these rules?

Maybe we will all come out on top, all of us, the Earth and we will be able to stay calm. According to studies that show that the Earth's population will increase and decrease, so we will reach 2100, the Earth will have 11 billion inhabitants and may decrease, it would mean that we should not worry so much about the world's population growth and should we focus on recycling and anti-pollution.

If we don't do this and we don't get more in a year, even one more day means a lot, we will need two planets like Earth to live in 2030. In these years, mankind is at a crucial point.

According to scientists and researchers, what we do from now until 2025-2030 will affect the next thousand years of humanity. So it should be clear to us that saving a few years means that the population will get used to saving the Earth and even themselves in the coming years.

This is up to us!

It will be your success to respect what could save us, and for scientists to better analyze the current situation.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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