"The first dark sky island in the world". VIDEO

Credit image: Unsplash images
Credit image: Unsplash images

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 26 August 2022, at 09:58 am Los Angeles time

Imagine a place where there is no light except the sun. Where when inserted, no light bulb lights up, in any house or on any street. 

The island of Sark, located a few tens of kilometers south of England, was designated "The first dark sky island in the world". And that's because from here you can see the stars on the vault the best. 

Sark received this title after a commission went to the spot. It wasn't difficult either, since the island has no street lighting, no paved roads and there are no cars on its surface. 

The "Dark Sky" movement, as it has become known in recent years, wants to reduce the effects of unnatural light on the environment and reduce the consumption of electricity. 

The campaign started with astronomers worried that in urban areas the stars could no longer be seen, even with the help of special equipment. 

For example, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles can't be used, because of the smog during the day and the pollution that spreads at night. 

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