The first images from space with the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano


A new eruption of a volcano has occurred, this time in Indonesia. This is less than three weeks after the eruption of the Tonga volcano. The first images from space with the new eruption of the Krakatoa volcano were today shown by ESA (European Space Agency). 

The image you can see in this article show the eruption of the volcano that is located in Rakata, Indonesia. The eruption took place at 16:15 local time and was captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission on the same day. But yesterday's eruption is not a great danger, and so far no natural disasters have been reported from its cause. But for precautionary measures, Anak Krakatau Volcano Observatory has raised the color code of aviation to orange. 

The thick column of gas and most likely the ash rose 200 meters above the archipelago where the volcano is located. However, the eruption in Tonga was much stronger, and that even raised a cloud of ash that quickly reached over Australia. We hope that the volcano will not erupt even bigger to create major problems. 

This Anak volcano had a strong eruption in 1883, one of the largest in history, and was heard in 50 different locations around the globe. The apogee of the 1883 explosion took place on August 27, 1883, on that day, 70% of the island and the surrounding archipelago were destroyed. In addition to this disaster, there were many casualties, 36,417 people died due to tsunamis caused by the volcano.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 04 February 2022, at 07:47 am Los Angeles time

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