The James Webb telescope arrives in spaceport

Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace
Credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace

Breaking news! James Webb Telescope has arrived in French Guiana! One of the most developed and best telescopes in the world. ESA received the James Webb Telescope in the port of French Guiana a few hours ago. The whole process of building the telescope took 15 years, and in these 15 years, a telescope capable of many has been developed! MN Colibri is the ship with which Webb arrived from California in French Guiana in a container, navigating the Panama Canal.

After arriving in French Guiana a few hours ago, ESA announced that it had reached a 6-ton telescope, 10.5 m high and almost 4.5 m wide. However, the load with which the ship arrived was approximately approx. 76 tons, 6 tons are from the telescope, and the other 70 are different materials and equipment. ESA has announced that it offers extremely good conditions for the telescope, in clean rooms, even after it is mounted on the rocket. But now, it's on Spaceport in French Guiana. But, as far as we know, ESA said, it will be launched from the spaceport of Guyna Francza, which is somewhere in the middle of the forest. 

Thousands of people have worked to remove this telescope and only 100 specialists are now working for this launch. ESA and NASA have divided these specialists into several groups, each dealing with a specific part. In the end, it should theoretically have all the teams put everything they worked on together, so the James Webb telescope is ready to launch. But even if the James Webb telescope has arrived, we still have to wait for the Ariane 5, the ship that will take this telescope into space. It must come from Europe, and ESA has announced that it will arrive soon. 

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This ship is also extremely large: it is 5.4 m in diameter and 17 m high. The rocket also had various upgrades, so that when the telescope sees the Sun, it does not burn. So all parts of the telescope will be released from the ship, so that they are equally exposed to the Sun. 

"Webb is an excellent example of international collaboration and collaboration. Welcome to Webb and our partners in the European Space Port of French Guiana to continue this adventure to a thrilling take-off aboard the Ariane 5 and to share the many upcoming Webb scientific discoveries! said Daniel Neuenschwander, ESA's director of space transport. 

The James Webb telescope will be launched on December 18, 2021. It will be one of the most powerful telescopes that have ever existed and will be able to explore and provide data on dark matter and energy in the Universe. The telescope is a partnership between ESA (European space agency), NASA (national aeronautics and space administration) and CSA (Canadian space agency).

We wish success to the 3 agencies and its partners, as well as those who have worked, are working and will work on this telescope. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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