The James Webb Telescope passed the moon. He did burn fine-tunes. And more only in one day. See here

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! The James Webb Telescope continues to amaze us every day. In just one day, it passed by the Moon, which means that it will be much harder for you to see it in the sky, even if you have a high-performance telescope. In addition, Webb has made a burn that regulates its trajectory, which will depend on the performance of the Ariane 5 launcher (which is currently quite good according to the latest data). The first correction maneuver is the MCC-1a, which it has already done, and the second theoretically it has done, but another official confirmation is awaited. This is MCC-1b. 

NASA reported: "The second, MCC-1b, is a shorter burn before the installation of the sunshade is scheduled to begin. The final maneuver, MCC-2, performed 29 days after launch, is designed to bring Webb into optimal orbit around L2. ". After this step that Webb theoretically took successfully, passed the Earth Moon, this happens only 2-3 days after its launch. Unfortunately, the Earth's moon was far from Webb's. So Webb theoretically passed the Moon's orbit, not the Moon in its own sense. 

And if it has passed the Moon, you will realize that it is over 400,000 km away. away from Earth (Webb). Yes, it is over 400,000 km. away. , that means over 300,000 miles away from Earth. Webb is currently moving at a speed of approx. of 1.03 km / s (0.64 mile / s). But he still has about 27 days to get to the L2 Orbit point where NASA wants. In any case, he has already completed over 33% of his journey, he still has 67% to do in 27 days. Theoretically, he could do it in about a week (7 days). But he still has many maneuvers to execute that could slow him down. We can only find out in a week. But in the remaining 27 days, Webb should reach approx. 1 million miles from Earth, which means approx. 1.5 million km. 

Officially, however, we know that the first such maneuver that Webb has made so far has been successful. "At 7:20 pm EST - 60 hours after liftoff - Webb's second mid-course correction burn began," NASA officials wrote in a statement released on Monday (Dec. 27). "It lasted 9 minutes and 27 seconds and is now complete." NASA claimed some time ago.

We wish NASA and Webb success as well! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 28 December 2021, at 09:19 am Los Angeles time

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