Breaking: The James Webb Telescope probably caught a black hole or at least a very strange object in this image

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 07 May 2022, at 12:12 pm Los Angeles time

The James Webb Telescope continues to amaze us from the first clear picture taken by it.

We looked a little deeper into the image captured by Webb, and we noticed a rather strange body, which is neither a star nor a possible galaxy, but rather looks like a black hole.

It is a very small circle and a slightly larger circle than the other, encircling it. Between the two is dark, which leads to the idea that it cannot be a compact body, such as a star, nor to a set of bodies such as a galaxy.

In addition, all the galaxies in this image and the stars provide light around them. It may also be a Hoag's Object galaxy, which is characterized as a ring-shaped galaxy and is very far away, but we don't think so.

That strange object does not provide any light around it, which again may mean that it is a black hole.

We have no official data to confirm that James Webb has already seen a black hole. Please consider this article as just a theory and not something clear (so far). 

Our Bailey Universe team sent a direct email to NASA and we are waiting for an answer about the strange object.

If this is confirmed, it could be a premiere in astronomy, so that in the first image a telescope can observe a black hole.

However, the possibility that this is just a slightly stranger body is quite high.

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We promise that if we receive a clear answer from the US space agency, NASA, we will notify you through an article. That could happen from Monday onwards.

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