The James Webb telescope was recently powered and ready for launch


News! Yesterday began the operations of fuelling one of the largest and most powerful space telescopes. Today the last details have been taken. Webb was powered and moved to a space camera in the ESA space proto in French Guiana. The James Webb Telescope is the latest and most powerful telescope launched into space to explore the entire universe. 

The next step for the ESA, NASA, and CSA space agencies is to mount the telescope's propellers, and only then will it be able to be taken to the Ariane 5 rocket, which will launch it into space. Each of the agents wanted a specific mission in this spontaneous preparation of the telescope for launch. James Webb Telescope is scheduled to launch on December 22, 2021, without any problems. But as with other missions this year, there may be small delays for various reasons. However, the three space agencies that collaborated to make the telescope hope that everything will go according to plan. 

More about this telescope (from the Bailey Universe archive): 

The telescope has cost billions of dollars so far, a huge amount that NASA didn't think it would spend on it, but hopefully, it was worth it. The James Webb telescope will be better than Hubble, it will be able to see more distant things, it will experience dark matter, and much more. The telescope is 10 tons, 10.5 m high and almost 4.5 m wide. However, when placed in a 30 m container, according to ESA, it weighs approx. 70 tons, including auxiliary materials. 

So, the auxiliary materials weigh 6 times as much as the telescope. This project includes over 100 specialists and also hundreds of people who have worked on it for many years. This telescope was worked on for 14 years, costing a total of $ 8.8 billion, while Hubble cost about $ 1 billion in total. It had 18 hexagonal mirrors. 

"Webb is an excellent example of international collaboration and collaboration. Welcome to Webb and our partners in the European Space Port of French Guiana to continue this adventure to a thrilling take-off aboard the Ariane 5 and to share the many upcoming Webb scientific discoveries! said Daniel Neuenschwander, ESA's director of space transport.

The telescope is a partnership between NASA, ESA, and CSA.   

We wish success to the 3 agencies and its partners, as well as those who have worked, are working and will work on this telescope.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 07 December 2021, at 09:43 pm Los Angeles time

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