The James Webb telescope will finally be launched

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

News! After 14 years of waiting, research and calculation, finally, the James Webb telescope, one of the most efficient and great telescopes of humanity, will begin its mission in space on December 18, 2021!An extraordinary telescope, perhaps better than Hubble, will provide us with valuable data on where we live from December 18, 2021, according to NASA. So far, in 14 years, more than $ 8.8 billion has been spent on its construction and upgrades.

What will clearly surpass any Hubble power will be that it has 18 hexagonal mirrors, but moreover, they will be able to see distant planets and celestial objects, places in our galaxy and perhaps in the Universe, much more distant than Hubble, to that we should expect new discoveries that maybe we are all excited about and would like to hear about, right?

A lot has been spent on this telescope, a lot has been expected, but maybe the result will be worth a lot. All the delays happened for various reasons, such as technical problems, failures in the missile that was supposed to launch it, exceeding budgets and then came the pandemic, which clearly turned all plans upside down. The initial budget was only $ 1 billion, so it clearly exceeded all possible expectations. NASA worked on this telescope with Northrop Grumman, with whom he also made the budget. The James Webb telescope will indeed go into space, along with the Ariane 5, which is now in the garage, underground. Then, on this date, NASA spoke with a French company, but NASA is also cooperating with ESA on this project.

The French company is the one that made the rocket from which James Webb will leave in space, and the company he consulted with is called Arianespace. And because the ship belongs to the French, it will take off with the James Webb telescope from Kourou, French Guiana. It is not yet known when various spacecraft will be transported to South America, which are related to this mission, for security reasons. But it is known that last month all the works were completed (at the end of the month) and we hope for a successful mission.

We wish success to ESA, NASA and all those working on this mission that we hope will be successful!

Success James Webb telescope!

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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