The lava of the volcano in La Palma enters the ocean

Credit: ESA (
Credit: ESA (

Breaking news! The volcano that erupted in La Palma: lava to fall into the ocean. Copernicus Sentinel-2 captures this on September 30, 2021. The lava of the volcano is currently flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish island of La Palma, where the volcano erupted, was evacuated in most parts. The temperature in the area has increased by A FEW DEGREES. The lava of the volcano has so far destroyed hundreds of hectares of land and several buildings. Among the buildings, there is a primary school. According to the Spanish press, the school was completely evacuated at that time, there were no casualties or injuries.

If you want more details about the volcano, lava, and earthquakes around, visit our old article: We return to the extreme situation that is happening now. The lava you see in the picture above covers 20 hectares, according to the European Space Agency (ESA). In addition, 12 days ago, on September 19, 2021, a rather large crack in diameter opened in the Cumbre Vieja region, of course, caused by a volcano. Lava now measures more than 6 km. Some institutes in Spain approx. that the lava can extend for even more km.

ESA Sentinel-2 Copernicus Program. he also transmitted images that look like next to that strip of approx. 6 km, which goes to the Atlantic Ocean, other strips go to other parts, the dunes are opposite. According to researchers and scientists, the volcano that erupted in La Palma did not erupt so badly. What they want to refer to is that the explosion was a small one, compared to what it can be. If, for example, he used all the power at his disposal, he could produce a super-explosion, which would destroy the island, even on it. But even during and after the explosion, it could destroy thousands of people in Europe and northwest Africa.

Only if the eruption is so strong that the volcano self-destructs. In addition, the UK could be affected by tsunamis and waves over 5m if the volcano erupted at full power. We hope this does not happen. We continue to receive information and we will announce with each new update what is happening on that island, now with an additional predominant color, which many probably did not want.

We wish success to the people of the island, the authorities, and all those who are on the island, to be able to defend themselves from the lava of the volcano and if they can put out possible fires.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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