The NASA administrator said he was nervous after Russia endangered the ISS with an anti-satellite rocket 

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Breaking news! Russia has endangered the entire ISS (International Space Station) as well as the Chinese space station. Recently, Russia shot down one of its satellites with an anti-satellite rocket. This was probably a test, but a test that could endanger the lives of astronauts. NASA said in a statement recently that this test of Russia was not announced and could cause a catastrophe. In addition, the US space agency claimed that this led to the creation of more space debris.

Also, all the astronauts followed the emergency procedure in this case and closed all the doors and all the compartments, the only one open was the door that connects the Russian and the American compartment. The Russian astronauts were recently announced about this maneuver and barricaded the compartments next to them. Also shortly after, the Americans were announced. They all woke up and began maneuvering to protect the ISS. "On Monday, after Moscow time, the crew of the International Space Station was informed about the dismantling of a satellite, an event that could produce enough space debris and debris that would pose a danger to the space station," NASA said in a statement. .

"I am extremely angry because of this irresponsible and destabilizing action," said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. "With its long tradition of spaceflight, it is inconceivable that Russia would endanger not only the lives of American astronauts aboard the ISS, but even their own cosmonauts. Such reckless and dangerous actions endanger even Chinese taikonauts (astronauts) aboard the Chinese space station, "Nelson added. The astronauts on the ISS took an urgent protection measure and took refuge aboard the ISS-related spacecraft. If it was a possible catastrophe, they could start the ship and fly through "space debris" until it reached Earth.

Such events are rare, according to ISS astronauts, but it is good to be sure. Russia has also caused other damage to the ISS, as well as many other unannounced incidents. So far we have no details about the condition of the astronauts, but NASA data shows that the astronauts are all safe. We will come back with details if the situation changes.

We hope that everything is fine and that Russia will no longer create inconveniences and dangerous situations for the entire space station because its astronauts are there too. This mission with an anti-satellite rocket being innocent. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 16 November 2021, at 00:10 am Los Angeles time

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