The NASA and Boeing Starliner mission is likely to be launched in 2022

Credit: NASA and Boeing/John Grant
Credit: NASA and Boeing/John Grant

News! NASA and Boeing have announced that Starliner may not be able to go into space this year at all. But there are hopes for the future. Starliner's Orbital Test Flight (OFT-2) could be launched in 2022. No wonder, after it was brought to the launch pad, then taken back to the garage and so on for various problems. Now the major problem that engineers face and for which the ship cannot go into space is the Starliner valve problem.

This is not certain, but it can be said that for the most part, the ship may not go into space. As the saying goes, "I think now, the timeline and the manifesto by the end of the year are pretty tight," said Kathy Lueders, head of NASA's Exploration and Human Operations Mission (HEOMD). He also said: "So, my gut is it would probably be more likely to be next year. But we're still working through that timeline."

This trade mission of Boeing and NASA, in a kind of partnership with SpaceX, was once more uncertain to be launched, then called the first trade mission of Boeing. It didn't work out of the pacts. It happened in 2019, when it was launched, but unfortunately, it flew in a low orbit while its software was detected, could not reach the ISS (International Space Station) and returned to Earth after approx. 2 days in Earth's orbit, in low orbit. NASA announced on Tuesday, in a media teleconference the following: 

-The direction of the exploration systems development mission will be led by Jim Free.

- The Directorate of Space Operations Mission will be led by Lueders

In the coming weeks, NASA is expected to give a final verdict with Boeing on what will happen to OFT-2. Until then, they analyze the situations. OFT-2 as a trade mission should reach the ISS, as planned.

We wish success to Boeing, NASA and SpaceX and all its collaborators and those who deal with this mission to be able to complete it as quickly as possible.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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