The only key to learn from nature!


Article by: Abhinav Tanksale, on 06 March 2022, at 05:34 am Los Angeles time

As you might know, wheel was invented thousands of years ago, long before the computer or even books, and this tool played a key role in helping civilization advance. For the human race to evolve and get smarter, what is needed most is not a flurry of questions but "Questioning" itself. 

With questioning we can learn more about our surroundings, make better decisions, and even teach others what we know.

Isaac Newton, a true visionary of his time (the late 1600s), was a man looking in many directions for answers to questions most people didn't even know to ask.

In fact, questioning the things that we come across in life is the only best way to understand what's going on around us. In physics, there are two questions that will always give you a deeper insight into your topic: "Why?" and "How?"

Inventions have always been the driving force of human advancement and one of the most important things responsible for developing our species through a series of inventions in the 19th century was nothing else but 'questioning'. 

If an invention isn't created when it is, who knows how many centuries humanity would be trapped in antiquated thinking without knowing anything different? But this is just a small part of what questioning can do. They have the power to define, develop and inspire us - if we just let them!

Take Gyroscope as an example. It was created with one simple question: How do you stabilize a bicycle? It was answered with another simple question: How to make it rotate it around itself? 

Not only did this open up a whole new class of bikes that can maintain balance without needing to be leaned toward something, but suddenly problem solving wasn't limited to physics alone - it had applications in other fields like automotive, aerospace & robotics as well!

Science has proven time and again that questioning leads to new understandings, knowledge, and inspiration - indeed, such thinking has led us to some incredible breakthroughs in areas such as computer science and biology!

In a nutshell, questioning is the key to discovery, knowledge, and innovation.

Do you have questions? That's great!

"Questions are creative acts of intelligence." - Francis Kingdom Ward

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