The space industry is expanding in Greece

Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA

News! After a long wait, the Greek space industry will develop thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA). Yesterday, November 26, 2021, ESA announced that the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance announced how it wants implementation for the materialization of its National Satellite Space Project, with the technical support of ESA. This support from ESA will help Greece to develop its space industry and in addition to creating new jobs in this industry. 

If Greece manages to develop this field, then new jobs will appear in Greece, much more for the development of the space industry. After talks between the Greek government and ESA, Greece said it wanted to be part of ESA's projects for the security of satellite communications and ESA's space communications system. It also wants to contribute a lot to the quantum communications system of the European space agency. Thus, if Greece takes over this project for the development of secure communications, it will start producing its own satellites. It will try to pull them small so that when they are launched, they will be able to fit many things in the rocket that launches them. 

Greece will assume secure communications between the satellites it produces in the ESA program. Greece will develop quantum communications with its space satellites and create much more secure communications networks than ever before, thanks to ESA. It will also play an important role in the development of video streaming communications and other applications. It will monitor global fires through Chelmos, Skinakas, and Cholomontas stations. We already know that ESA's Copernicus mission observes these phenomena, transmitting clear images about the intensity of the fire and many other data. 

Greece's ambitious plan to develop in this area can also be seen in what Athanasios Staveris-Polykalas, Secretary-General of Telecommunications and Post in the Greek government's Ministry of Digital Governance, said: "With the motto 'Space for Digital Transformation' we take step by step the actions needed to support our space community and respond to national and European needs. "

ESA also responded to this discussion with Josef Aschbacher, Director General of ESA: "It was a priority for us to identify how ESA can best help all Member States, including the National Space Satellite Project in Greece. , and I'm glad we came to an agreement. Under this new project, Greece will improve its position for future European projects, making the country a stronger contributor to the European space ecosystem. The assistance to our Member States is in the genes of ESA. " 

This development for Greece is now for satellites and communications, but maybe in the future it will be for space exploration with their own satellites. 

We wish Greece success in the space industry and ESA to develop the Greek space industry. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 27 November 2021, at 08:43 pm Los Angeles time

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