The sun celebrates Halloween


Halloween news! Halloween is still coming, it must have something to do with space and the universe, right? Yes it is! Have you ever thought that the very center of our Solar System is an imitation of a nervous pumpkin that symbolizes Halloween? Yes, this is the Sun! Joke, the Sun is not a pumpkin, one of the few NASA photos that shows the Sun, looks like a big pumpkin that looks at you nervously! Yes, as you can see in the picture above made by NASA, the Sun really wants to celebrate Halloween! The question is: When was the picture above taken? and Who could make a capture so realistic that the sun looks like a pumpkin? 

The answers are coming! The photo was taken on October 6, 2014 and since then, we know that the Sun also celebrates Halloween! The picture was taken by: Solar Dynamics Observatory. This is a part of NASA that deals mainly with the Sun, its effects, as well as the various phenomena produced by the Sun. In this picture, it is an unusual phenomenon of the Sun! 

We wish NASA success in taking such photos and of course to show them to us! 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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