The UK space agency wants Virgin Galactic to launch the next satellites in the Cornwall spaceport. See here

Credit: Virgin Orbit
Credit: Virgin Orbit

Recently, the UK space agency hailed the success of Virgin Orbit on January 12, 2022, launching a multitude of satellites into Earth orbit. Virgin Orbit has launched satellites in California, and the UK would like to launch its next satellites from a UK spaceport, more specifically the Cornwall spaceport, which will be operational this summer. The spaceport will create 150 new jobs in the local area and would very much like if Virgin Orbit will launch its satellites there.

The UK space agency claimed that the satellites launched from California were manufactured in Scotland by one of the largest satellite companies, referring to Spire Global which is still the world leader in satellite manufacturing. The satellites were sent from Glasgow to California for launch. The UK now wants these satellites to be launched directly from the UK, not from other countries. The UK space agency praised the UK's potential: "These satellites have been shipped from Glasgow to California for launch, demonstrating the potential value for the UK satellite industry of having a new launch capability in the UK." 

One of the satellites designed by Spire Global is ADLER-1, which will help collect environmental data in the Earth's orbit, so the problem of space debris will be taken much more seriously. 

The Deputy Director of the UK Space Agency, Ian Annett, said: 

"Congratulations to Virgin Orbit on another successful mission, which demonstrates the huge potential of innovative, air-launch technology to meet the needs of the modern satellite industry. Having an RAF pilot at the controls demonstrates the UK's commitment to working closely with Virgin Orbit ahead of their first launch from Spaceport Cornwall later this year."

"The UK is home to some of the world's leading satellite manufacturers, which currently ship their products overseas for launch. We are supporting them by fostering a new domestic launch market, with spaceports and launch operators providing services across the UK and catalyzing investment from all over the world."

Virgin Orbit satellites were designed not only by a giant Scottish company, but also by a Polish company, SatRevolution, which designed two satellites for Virgin Orbit. These two satellites were launched to support agriculture, provide space data on agricultural land, and help the field with high-resolution images from space.

Virgin Orbit marks the launch of its third commercial flight on January 12, 2022. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 14 January 2022, at 03:25 am Los Angeles time

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