The Ukrainian flag will be sent into space on a spaceship. Here's everything we know so far

Credit image: Public domain - Flag of Ukraine
Credit image: Public domain - Flag of Ukraine

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 12 March 2022, at 09:58 am Los Angeles time

Jared Isaacman, the software founder of the Polaris Dawn project, said he would fly the Ukrainian flag in space, showing solidarity for Ukraine.

Polaris Dawn, a private space mission that will test Starlink laser communications in space and conduct several experiments, will be launched this year aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

This expedition, known to continue to help St. Jude, will test new technologies and costumes for the first time.

According to the plan, the expedition will last up to almost 5 days, during which the crew members will first try the commercial spacewalk, performing several experiments to help understand our health, especially how it manifests itself in space.

According to a tweet, the Polaris program expresses its support for Ukraine, in this difficult period triggered by an illogical invasion of Putin.

The crew members will, of course, be Isaacman, Sarah Gillis, Anna Menon and Lieutenant-Colonel, Thunderbird pilot, and Scott Potit.

The mission is expected to take place in November at the latest.

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