The world's first astronomers: Australian aborigines, 10,000 years ago

Credit image: AFP/Mediafax photo
Credit image: AFP/Mediafax photo

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 25 August 2022, at 09:14 am Los Angeles time

They existed before the Egyptians who built the Pyramids and far preceded the creators of Stonehenge. They are the aborigines who lived on the territory of Australia 10,000 years ago and whom researchers say were the first astronomers.

For many, they are just a collection of stones that age near Mount Rothwell, 80 kilometers from Melbourne. Scientists, however, were amazed to find that these rocks were carefully arranged by the tribes that lived 10,000 years ago on the territory of today's Australia, in order to map the sky.

"The stones were placed with precision, to map the progression of the Sun. This cannot be done by guessing. Very careful measurements are needed", explains Prof. Ray Norris, one of the researchers who took care of this project. 

A group of Australian astrophysicists has been studying the stones for years since they were discovered, but now they have finally realized that it is a discovery that could overturn history.

This is because it is known that the Egyptian pyramids, built-in 3,200 years before Christ or the Stonehenge, dating back 1,500 years, were among the proofs that ancient populations were interested in astronomy.  

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