There are over 3,000 images that Webb took and will be released only the next year. Read more

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 17 July 2022, at 07:53 am Los Angeles time

The new James Webb Telescope continues its work to decipher our universe, but in silence, as we understand it from scientists.

NASA continues to receive images from James Webb, including images with the planet Neptune, but will not publish them until next year.

Many of the images Webb takes right now will be presented very late this year or even next year, which makes us feel bad that Webb is working "quietly."

According to information from the MAST program of the STScI database, it shows that the images of the planet Neptune that Webb took will not be made public until January 2023.

Two days ago, we showed you 90 new images that Webb took recently (Read the articles here), our team discovered in the database the other 4 that we added in the article. 

All images along with their description showing the name of the cosmic body in the image can be found here.

We also let you know that we are trying to find the images made by Webb so far, but it is unlikely to access them all.

Also, something surprising is that James Webb has made thousands of scientific observations so far.

The database of STScI's MAST program shows thousands of files with images (block files that you can't access) that Webb took of the universe, but which will be published only next year or even later.

There are at least over 3,000 as we have counted, but we cannot know the exact number, because it is still being added.

Notes: Among these 3,000 are other images in a small percentage that must be made by Webb in the coming days, but there are still many images not shown by scientists. Of all these, we have been able to access so far only 94.

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