These are the strangest things captured in recent James Webb Telescope images

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 23 May 2022, at 10:55 am Los Angeles time

The James Webb Telescope transmitted recent images from space at the end of last month. Read more about them here.

Even if what you see may look like just a bunch of distant stars and galaxies, these images contain much more than that.

1. Ring

This is a  zoomed image from the NIRSPEC camera mounted on James Webb Telescope, As you can see, there are some stars that form a ring.

You probably think it's a binary star system. Yeah, it can be, but depends. Taking into account that Webb sees these stars far away, the distance between them is much longer than we probably expect.

If we look at the whole picture, we see stars in groups, but not like that. This strange star system captured by Webb is very different from every star system that we can see in the recent images.

If we look deeper, we will see that the brightness of every star from this system is different. That means to thing: either the stars are far away from each other, either they have different brightness or probably different sizes.  

For sure, it can't be a black hole or galaxies, they can only be stars that form an unusual star system, and we probably know nothing about it so far. Until a future notice from scientists, these stars form just a theoretical ring system.

2. Monkey face

Yeah, that's probably not a scientific strange object in space.

However, it looks exactly like an animal face, probably a monkey. The stars were born in an exact form to keep long spaces between them, where we can see 2 "eyes" and 1 "mouth".

At a long distance from that "face", we can see some bright stars, which are probably more close to us than those presented above. Or they are probably giant stars in the deep Universe.

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3. Black hole?

So, in this image captured by the same camera that captured the first image above, there is a really strange thing. 

We don't confirm that it's a black hole, but it looks a lot like that, doesn't it? 

In its middle, it is only black, and around it is emanated strong energy that forms almost a perfect circle. 

Also, if we calculated how far the James Webb Telescope made the image, then we would not be surprised that there is almost nothing around it, just probably some space debris that will be swallowed immediately.

If it is not a black hole, then it is difficult to say what object it may be, because its' shape it's very different from every object we know so far,

Maybe one we don't know yet or just a weird galaxy? 

We don't know yet, but it's still a strange object. 

4. Hoag's object?

We looked a little deeper into the first clear image captured by Webb, and we noticed a rather strange body, which is neither a star nor a possible galaxy.

It is a very small circle and a slightly larger circle than the other, encircling it. Between the two is dark, which leads to the idea that it cannot be a compact body, such as a star, nor to a set of bodies such as a galaxy.

In addition, all the galaxies in this image and the stars provide light around them. It may also be a Hoag's Object galaxy, which is characterized as a ring-shaped galaxy and is very far away, but we don't think so.

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